Health & Safety Environment Awareness video

Tips on Environment

Health & Safety Environment Awareness video

Health & Safety Environment Awareness video

Health & Safety Environment Awareness video
This this the General Health & Safety Environment Awareness video

This video is applicable at grid stations, substations, overhead line & stringing works, general construction works and many others.

After watch this video u can aware other peoples by below mentioned details:

Environmental best practices
Environmental best practices (plantation at your office areas or wherever applicable)
Segregation of waste (Food Waste, Non-Hazardous Waste & Hazardous Waste)
Designated storage yards for all materials (if any chemical, oil, diesel etc. provided MSDS near storage)
Provide Oil Spill Kits with all required PPE; also provide training for its use
Acoustics generator with sign board and barrication (control noise pollution)
Diesel Generator carbon emission checking by a competent person
Use of polythene sheet below concrete pump (to control soil pollution)
We can make any kind of concrete barrier from concrete pump waste.
Best practices for Health
Arrange Emergency Control room at site and camp
Paste control at site & accommodations.
Toils shall be clean always, hand wash to be provided & cleaning schedule to be display. Save water & electricity.
To keep food & workers belongings area shall be designated & well maintained.
Arrange Workers health checkup frequently.
Maintain good hygienic condition of all toils at all locations
Shelter for drinking water & temporary rest of workers
Provide eye wash stations.
Best safety practices at site:
Designated place for emergency siren or Alarm. Every one shall aware the assembly point
Safety bulletin Boards for to communicate all necessary informations & awareness material to all workers.
Emergency evacuation plan shall displayed with all required details
Emergency Vehicle shall available at designated place
Fire point with adequate numbers & types of fire extinguishers
Emergency exit direction sign that may reach safely to assembly point.
If necessary designate access fir vehicles & pedestrians.
If there is any overhead line provide Goal Post to restrict the height & maintain the safety clearance from live OHL.
Provide Hylam Sheets on EDB (Electrical Distribution boards)
Always use 110 volt power for all portable tools & use industrial sockets.
All tools shall have safe guards & all attachments (handle etc.)
Vehicles parking area shall be designated better par reversely.
Provide all required safety signs, place for keeping PPE items.
First aid box, risk assessment & signboards near carpentry & steel yards.
Earthing to be provided to all conductor items (fencing & machines etc).
Always secure the excavations (by sloping, shoring & trenching) and provided hard barricades with signboards (keep all materials away from excavation edges)
Provide convex mirror at all blind area or turnings to avoid any vehicles accident.
Inspection & Testing
Check & monitor wind speed, temperature & Humidity with proper equipments (anemometer etc.)
Use lux meter to inspect illumination (light)
Inspect Noise with Sound level meter
Inspect all ELCBs with ELCB testers.
HSE Trainings & mock Drills.
Conduct inductions & provide cards or stickers for workers and visitors.
If there is any scaffolding we can arrange demonstration for safe use.
Arrange daily vehicle inspection and provide awareness for speed limits
Provide all required trainings by using multimedia projectors & show effective videos.
Arrange practical training (mock drill) to use fire extinguishers
Emergency evacuation drills by using portable stretchers.
Conduct daily tool box talk (TBT) & weekly mass meetings for improve HSE culture
Provide all mandatory welfare facilities
Provide HSE awards with gifts to appreciate the workers.


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